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Our Brand

Mubadara’s logo is designed by a talented Bahraini designer (Haider Al Aradi), it consists of the company name in both Arabic and English with a symbolic icon to reflect our core values.

Our Language

We are Genuine and Market Oriented (In Arabic our name means “Initiation”), we don’t copy and we value innovation.

Our Directions

If any light passes through a crystal it changes to various and multiple forms of colors and directions, this reflects our creativity and multi dimension thinking approach in developing our services and programs.

Our Colors

Colors are vibrant which reflects our clear communications, transparency, neutral objectives, there are no rooms for unknown dimensions, colors, or hidden shapes.  The colors changing to darker (from yellow to vibrant dark red) is also to reflect our growth and gained experience in a steady process.

Our Directions

The movement of the symbolic icon is towards upward in multi dimensions are to reflect that we are growing everyday strongly and in different but related areas and skills.

Our Shapes

The edges of the symbol are sharp, which reflects focus, integrity, nobleness and ethical practices in our approaches.

Our Icon

The use of crystals like icons is to reflect our energetic approach as this element is known for its positive energy capabilities, this reflects our inspiring and ambitious vision.

Our Approach

Mubadara works on a tailor made projects which are designed based on actual market needs and unique conditions.

Our Partners

Mubadara believes in working in coordination model where we partner with field experts to design and plan our projects.

Mubadara enjoys strong ties with national, regional and international partners to ensure maximum quality of the output desired delivered by field experts.